Extraordinary: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was one of the most glamorous and eccentric American artists of 20th-century art. To this day, his white wig remains a staple of his character. Andy Warhol was a national celebrity who was known to find inspiration from things and routines in everyday life, such as laundry mats and airport security. His goal was to promote a different, more positive outlook of modern society — the perfect balance between commerce and celebrities in his art.

He set out to show society that there are interesting and exciting things all around them if they took the time to look more closely. One of the ways he did this was by painting 32 Campbell’s Soup cans to explore the beauty in their forms. Warhol believed that business was an art form in itself. Fascinated by the relationship between business, art, and making money. Warhol strived for large scale impact; he wanted his art to expand outside of just one medium. I don’t think there’s a medium he wouldn’t have explored. During his short time on earth, he was able to cultivate so many talents. Everything from drawing, painting, theatre, films, music, and more 

Andy Warhol is one of my biggest inspirations. I am consistently in awe of his life, work, and mind. Often times, we can start to feel that our life is boring, or that nothing exciting happens around us, but Warhol encourages us to remove these ideas from our heads. If we see the world around us as dull, we simply have to change our perspective and where we are directing it. As a photographer, it can become stressful to feel like there’s “no good shots” when you go out to shoot, but as I’ve come to learn, you have to make your perfect shot. Sometimes the best photos are of things you didn’t intend to shoot or places where you didn’t think you’d find anything worth capturing. It’s about looking closer and using your creativity to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

“Everyone is rich. Everyone and everything is interesting.”

Andy Warhol

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