Our Gallery Art

Ashlie Arones, West Palm Beach, 2020

The following 3 images are from my series titled West Palm Beach. I submitted all three of these Images into the Juried Student Exhibition and the Shared Space Student Response Exhibition and thankfully all of my images where chosen for both exhibitions. My photographs were featured in the both the FAU Ritter Art Gallery and the Schmidt Gallery.

My idea behind this series was to employ photography as a means to document my surroundings. I set out to try and find excitement in a seemingly mundane city like West Palm Beach. Over the course of several months, week after week, I would roam around the city of Lake Worth. Travelling on foot through the backroads, alleys, and whatever neighboring houses I would stumble upon.

This series at its core was meant to challenge the natural process of looking to find the strange moments that hide within plain sight. Allowing the viewer to experience how conscious awareness can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This is achieved by directing their focus and placing the images in front of them in the form of a still photograph. I seek to find the everyday surroundings that are often ignored or discarded transform themselves within a frame when the act of looking is imposed on them. 

If you would like to see the completed series in the sequence intended feel free to scroll below!

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