Commercial and Fine Art photography available. Professional shots, professionally edited! Film photography also available upon request.

Consider us for your next headshots, family portraits, graduation events, real estate photos and more!

1 Hour Session
20 Professionally edited images
1 Location
Up to 2 outfits
1.5 Hour Session
30 professionally edited pictures
1 location
Up to 3 outfits
2 Hour Session
50 professionally edited pictures
Up to 2 locations
Up to 4 outfits
3 Hour Session
80 professionally edited pictures
Up to 3 locations
Up to 5 outfits
Mini Session
30 minutes of shooting
10 professionally edited pictures
1 outfit, 1 location
Graphic Design/Photoshop
Anything from removing unwanted items in a picture to
creating visual effects.


Videography is the best form of storytelling. Let us tell your story! Whether you’d like to create a promotional video, highlight a property, an interview, or a film of your very own, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Videography Full Day Rate
Up to 8 hours of setup and/or production.
Videography 1/2 Day Rate
Up to 4 hours of setup and/or production.
Videography Hourly Rate
$150/first 2 hours
$75/hr. after 2 hours
Standard editing
Color grading, Transitions, Basic titles, Audio mixing.
Complex editing
Color grading, Chroma Keying, Transitions, Motion titles,
Audio mixing, Hand drawing animation overlays, Motion
graphic/effect overlays, Distort effects, Motion tracking,
Time remapping, Masking, Rotoscoping, etc. (contact me
for full list of specific effects).
Basic Editing
Simple video cuts, Color grading, Audio mixing. video
Stock Footage, Graphics, Photos and Music
$50/Hour of research + Cost of
each item
Costs vary depending on the source,
use, etc.

Social Media

Want to attract a larger audience to your products or services? Let us help you! From using hashtags, creating campaigns, a personalized page aesthetic, tracking analytics, and more we will make sure your getting the most out of all your platforms.

Social Media Pricing (One channel)
2-3 posts a week
Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter
If you would like more than one channel managed, contact us for a personalized quote!
Social Media Tracking of monthly goals, likes, and followers
Social Media Artwork/Cover image updates : Profile pictures,
descriptions, and Instagram Highlights
Content Creation : Custom daily posts, scheduling posts,
quick videos, creating campaign series on each platform
Profile Engagement : Spam monitoring, responding to comments,
responding to direct messages, following accounts
Social Media Progress Report : Analytics, Comments, Likes,
Collaborations, and Tagging.
Client Management : Reaching out to Agents for Collaborations,
Direct Messages, Emails

Social Media Content Photography

Having to continuously capture and create new content for your social media platforms can be tedious and time consuming. We’ll find the best locations and events that will provide us with the content your audience wants to see!

Social Media Pricing (One channel)
2-3 posts a week
Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter
If you would like more than one channel managed, contact us for a personalized quote!
Package 2
2 locations/events
12 images
4 videos
(15-30 seconds)
1 month of content
Package 3
4 locations/events
24 images
6 videos
(15-30 seconds)
2 months of content

Blog Post

Why does your business need a blog? Blogging is an understated marketing tool with the ability to attract new clients, increase website traffic, and establish a digital presence. We’ll create engaging and creative articles to push forward your services and visibility!

Blog Post Pricing
Word Count : 500-600
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ensuring correct usage of trending or frequently search keywords
$75/per post
Content Creation, Creating Series, Creating Individual Blog Posts
Revisions / Weekly Edits
Research : Visiting Locations, Promoting companies, Interviews, Agents,

Small Businesses, Online Researching information for accuracy.
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